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Sue Van Etten
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We want to hear from you. Really. Our mission is helping teachers. Please let us know how we're doing. What do you find useful on the site? What improvements would you suggest? Can you recommend some useful teacher resources that we should list on the site? Would you like to join the Teacher Talk Blog Team? Having technical problems with the site? Have suggestions for the next revision of the textbooks? We want to hear it all.

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Materials currently in development:

Basic English Grammar

Beginning: Basic English Grammar

  • Lesson Plan: Nouns, Pronouns & Adjectives by Maria Spelleri
Fundamentals of English Grammar

Intermediate: Fundamentals of English Grammar

  • Lesson Plan: An Introduction to the Present Perfect and Present Perfect Progressive by Maria Spelleri
Understanding and Using English Grammar

Advanced: Understanding and Using English Grammar

  • Lesson Plan: An Introduction to Adverb Clauses by Maria Spelleri

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To submit materials you would like to share with fellow teachers in the Classroom Materials section, go to the Classroom Materials Submission page.

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Contact Pearson Longman for information on ordering any Azar-Hagen Grammar Series product. Some useful links:

In the United States:

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Pearson Longman's downloadable 2011 English Language Learning Catalog: Grammar and E-Learning

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Outside the United States:

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