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I love Scrabble. My students do, too. But, it can be difficult for them to form cool new words when their vocabulary is limited. Usually they aim for tiny words - three letters, etc. Plus, it usually turns into more of a "hanging" out time than a conversation class.

They get better when I walk around the room and help them... or I will let them use the dictionary. But does anyone know of a more effective way to use Scrabble as a fun game that will help grow the vocabulary of everyone?

Also, I thought I might share some games people might be interested in where people do more than roll the dice, but actually have to talk. They help build vocabulary:

1. Apples to Apples - a great way to teach new adjectives!

2. Why Did the Chicken? - students have to make random jokes

3. Boggle - We all know this one

4. Werewolf - it's like Mafia

5. Boulder Dash - I think I might have spelled it wrong, but it's where there are three definitions and you have to pick out the correct one. Normally the English words are hard, so I have tailored this to vocab in a story we discuss and make up my own definitions (this can be a little time consuming with prep). In order to get an extra point, I require the students to identify the part speech with respect to the context of the story (I will read word in a sentence from the story). Students get competitive!

6. Hangman - It's very time consuming, though... and slow.

Feel free to add to the list.
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