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Default Reading Jigsaw Activity

I like jigsaw activities in reading, but its hard to find some already made up, and it takes a very long time to write your own. Luckily, I rediscovered this website: http://www.howstuffworks.com/

This site has thousands of excellent articles written about how things work, are made, develop, happen, etc. The breadth of topics is enormous- from how hurricanes form to the history of the kiss. When you find a topic to read about, it will connect you to many other articles on the topic or related topics. This is the raw material for excellent jigsaw articles.

Example: I found an article about a snow boarder who survived getting lost in the snow. This led me to another article about two mountain climbers who got into trouble- and how they survived. Each article was 1 page.

I copied and pasted them, then modified them slightly for comprehensibility. Then, I split the class and gave half one article and half the other. Students worked with a partner with the SAME article to read, review vocab, and orally relate the article to be sure they understood. For homework, they read again, and took notes on a separate page.

In the next class, each student partnered with someone with a different article. Using only their notes, they had to reformulate the story and share it with their partner. The partner needed to ask questions to clarify, then share his own article. Students created a Venn Diagram about how the stories differed and compared. I'm finally getting the hang of making reading more interactive!
If anyone has a good source of jigsaw reading materials, please share!
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